About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most user-friendly, reliable, flexible and affordable Point of Sale software and services to help our customers maximize their profit and minimize their business costs.

Our History:

When We Started:

Supermenu POS was started in 2003, where we initially offered online ordering services for restaurants. We quickly realized that many of our customers were in desperate need of a good quality Point of Sale system that was reliable yet affordable. So we began developing our flagship Point of Sale software to meet our customers' demands.

Growth as a Company:

After more than 10 years, with the help of our partners and re-sellers, we have successfully served thousands of happy customers with our cutting edge software and services.

Our software has grown from simple order taking to a suite of packages with many advanced features suitable for all kinds of restaurants, including full service, bars, quick services, deliveries, ice-cream and yogurt, coffee, buffet, drive-through, or even retail stores. Additionally, we support all ethnic languages such as Chinese, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Our Software:

Our software utilizes reliable and flexible technologies to ensure the stability and accuracy of our system. many of our customers claim that our user interface is the easiest to use. Our software is customized to meet our customers needs. 

Our Competitors:

We offer almost all or the exact same amount of features as our competitors at half the price. Our software's overall cost is only a fraction of our competitors while our software's quality and functionality rivals even the most expensive POS systems.

What Makes Us Different:

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer free life-time upgrades. We always provide the latest and greatest features to our existing customers on a weekly or even daily basis at no additional cost. 

Ease of Use:

Our software is so stable and reliable it is almost support-free after the initial set up. Furthermore, our software is so easy to use that almost no training is needed for restaurant employees to begin taking orders and using the POS System.

Thank You:

We are constantly working to add more and more adanced features to give our customers the best POS software with the lowest price possible. We are looking foward to serving you. Thank you for choosing Supermenu POS.


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