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Supermenu POS offers different downloads and demos for customers to see version would suit their business best. 

You are now viewing the Supermenu American version. This version features different integration's that make it best for fine dining.

Table Management:

  • Smart table management with multiple sections
  • Dynamic table layout
  • Different Colors for different tables, allows employees to easily distinguish the different table and customers among the restaurant.
  • Transferring and Merging Tables features allows restaurants the ability to quickly modify the layout of their restaurants with a few simple clicks.
  • Using the Assigned Table Seats features, restaurants can individually customize seats in the restaurants to fit preferences of the customer.
  • With the On Click Table Status features, restaurants can view the status of customer in the restaurant with a single click.

Employee Management:

  • Waiter Clock In features allows management to keep track of employee hours and schedules.
  • Login features avoid confusion during waiting or serving.
  • Waiter Money Drop and tips allow safe money management.


  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Automatic Tips for Big Parties
  • Employee Discount
  • eGift Certificate features enables restaurant to give discounts or promotions to customers through the web or through their smartphone.
  • Easy Split Check and Split Payment feature allow customers to pay separately or in any way they want. 

Download and Demo

If you would like to download and demo the Supermenu American version, click here:  SuperMenuAmerican.exe


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