Supermenu Pizza

Supermenu POS offers different downloads and demos for customers to see version would suit their business best. 

You are now viewing the Supermenu Pizza version. This version features different integration's that make it best for pizzeria's and pizza restaurants.


  • With Updated Maps and Street Look Up services, businesses can quickly find the locations needed for deliveries.
  • Using the Driver Dispatch integration, businesses are able to dispatch a driver for a delivery with a few simple steps.


  • Using a smartphone or tablet, customers are able to place an order, regardless of their location.
  • With the help of One Click features businesses can...
    • See Repeated Orders
    • Look up Order History
    • See Deferred Orders


  • With the integrated Credit Card Processing System, businesses can process credit card payment with the same system, eliminating the need for an extra credit card system.
  • With the Time Clock feature, businesses can keep track of employee hours.
  • Using the scheduling features, businesses can manage and modify work schedules.

Download and Demo

If you would like to download and demo the Supermenu Pizza version, click here: SuperMenuPizza.exe


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